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Library Board

The Fort Saskatchewan Public Library Board is appointed by City Council.  It is comprised of nine Fort Saskatchewan residents and one City Councillor.  The Library Board operates within the mandate of the Province of Alberta Libraries Act and Regulations and the City of Fort Saskatchewan’s Library Bylaw.  The Board functions as the governing body of the Fort Saskatchewan Public Library and provides citizen input into the direction of Library Services.  It is accountable to City Council, the Province, and the City residents for the operation of the Library.

Current Library Board Trustees:
• Abitoye, Jibs (City Councillor)
• Berry, Lisa
• Blackmore, Craig
• Brun, Miranda (Vice Chair)
• Dembicki, Dennis
• Den Boon, Nadia (Secretary)
• Peddle, Renetta (Chair)
• Raaschou, Judy
• Segberg, Don
• Stewart, Al
• Michele Feser (Library Director)

You may contact the Library Board by sending an email to 

Back row:  Al Stewart, Sheldon Bossert (former City Council rep), Don Segberg, Nadia Den Boon, Renetta Peddle, Morgan Northey (resigned), Craig Blackmore
Front row:  Lisa Berry, Judy Raaschou, Miranda Brun

Interested in becoming a Library Trustee?  Make a difference in your community by becoming a volunteer trustee on the Library Board.  The Board exists to develop, promote and monitor library services as a public trust.  For application information, visit the City’s Boards and Committees recruitment page, or contact Michele Feser, Library Director, at 780-998-4288.

Attend a Library Board Meeting  Library Board meetings begin at 6 pm and are generally held the second Monday of each month.  We invite you to join us and see what we are working on.  The meetings are open to the public; however, when confidential matters are discussed, the Board may make a motion to hold portions of the meeting in the absence of the public.

Residents may request to have an item placed on an upcoming agenda.  Please submit detailed, written information on the topic you wish to present to the Board at least 7 business days prior to the Board meeting to Michele Feser.

Library Board Meeting Minutes

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